"No Guts No Story"

2012 Rush

Uncle John and I went "Shopping"
with our muzzle loaders,
Theses 2 nice does were in isle 1.

2011 Piffard

On opening day this buck and a couple does ran by
Jon in the middle of the woods. The buck came right to me at about 40 yards.  He stopped before entering the field, that was his last mistake,


2009 Mendon

Hunting with Jon and Uncle John on Earl's land.  Came in following does, stopped him at 22 yards.

Eric's Land

"Always remember that the size of the rack or the weight of the deer does not always make the animal a trophy.

A small buck that was harvested in a special place or with a good friend may make it the trophy of a lifetime"



1986 Henrietta

Behind ENI on the run, heart shot, my first good buck with bow!


The Buck was my first 8 point with the bow, taken on the move, at 22 yards.  He went another 10 and piled up.  Just then his granddad took off from the thick stuff behind me, I got a good look at his rack and almost fell out of the tree.

The Fox was chasing Turkey in the woods, lucky for me and unlucky for him I was woodchuck hunting and had the 22.  Dropped him at 100 yards.


Took this nice Muley 3x2 in Colorado, 1989 with the bow.  Guide ask me to take the Doe for camp meat, I was more than happy to help him out.






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