Joey Marlowe

The Reward Is Oh So Sweet
By Joey Marlowe

2016 Mendon at Bruces
2016 Penfield at Wickham Farms
2013 Piffard
2013 Rush

2012 Mendon

First Sunday of Gun


2012 Mendon

Opening day of Bow with Christine in stand


2011 Canandaigua

2010 Piffard

2009 Piffard


 Rush 2006

Henrietta 2006



Henrietta 2004

This deer was just a gift.  No doubt.  I was on stand early with hopes to shoot any doe that gave me a shot.  45 minutes after light and 5 does by me without a shot.  Not only had a forgot my grunt call, but my EZ-hanger for my bow.  I was thinking of rattling when this deer showed up.  He was only 30 yards at first, moving towards me steadily.  He crossed my path in with an obvious presence of something different.  With his mind swirling in love scent he couldn't stop now, so he walked through the thick brush and popped out crossing the creek at 12 yards below me.  The shot was well made and the deer only went 50 yards.  Just a perfect, lucky morning.



2003 Henrietta

Two bucks together ready for taxidermist.  Pics below.

2003 Henrietta

This deer is my first ever 31/2 year old buck.  He has a broken brow, but is still a good deer.  He came walking in around 8 am while I was sitting on my best stand.  He was about 40 yards paralleling my position.  When he entered an opening I was able to get off a shot with the open sight 12 gauge.  He dropped strait down and put me in another world of excitement having gotten my biggest buck ever late in the deer season. 


2003 Henrietta

Harvested the final day of the 2004 New York shotgun season.  I walked past my usual tree stand another 500 yards up a hedgerow to a box blind I'd never been in before.  The stand overlooked a high, thick bedding field.  Slowly creeping into the stand I peeked over the edge to see this boy rubbing a tree.  At 75 yards away the deer had no idea of my presence and the shot was simple.  The platform of the stand provided a wonderful rest while I stood on the ladder.  The deer only made it about 40 yards and piled up quick.  No way I could miss, I was using dad's gun!

2002 Henrietta

Great 5 point!
Taken with his bow in the Wildbriar woods.

2002 Henrietta

Great 7 point!
Taken with his bow in the Wildbriar woods.

Does anyone see a similarity 
between all these bucks?


2001 Henrietta

2000 Henrietta

Joey's first deer ever.
Taken with his bow in the Wildbriar woods.


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