John Miller

2006 Mendon

This 7 pointer is the pure product of a well done deer drive.  The idea of driving seems easy, yet the deer seem to always find a way out.  Whenever things go to plan, it's cause to celebrate.  Here, we find the "Great White Hunter" who couldn't pass up the shot at 15 yards.  Pushing the woods and small bedding field a couple hundred yards up the creek was me and my dad, moving this deer out of his intended bedding area and into the mans' lap.  To me, there isn't anything better than a well run deer drive.  It also makes a great sight to come walking up on a buck who dropped strait down in submission to the power of the old 20 gauge.  This hunt earns my vote for hunt of the year!



1992 Colorado

John took this nice 5x5 Elk with Jim guiding

1990 Colorado

Beautiful 4x4 Mule Deer



One of three

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