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2006 Mendon

A true hunting miracle... My brother and I were hunting our golden spot in Mendon and we decided to do a still hunt style for the day.  I entered a woods and he entered a thick patch about 700 yards north of me and we were going to still hunt in sort of a V, him coming towards me, and I going towards him. Well as soon as I got out into the open area on the other side of the woods I saw 4 does run from were my brother was coming so I tried to get on top of a hill and see were they were going, thinking maybe I could get a shot. Well as I got to the top of the hill there was no deer in my vision, the area was too hilly and the deer were just out of sight. So I looked to my right and saw a deer standing behind a real thick tree, I couldn't make out what it was but I figured it to be only a doe.  I patiently waited as snow poured down upon me and the deer was looking in my direction, trying to figure out what I was.  It made it's way to bed down and then I moved into better position. It got up to chase a doe did a full circle and gave me a shot at 55 yards and I put it right through the shoulder. It was an exciting hunt that I will always remember and I owe thanks to my brother Joe for being there and having hunting with him in the past.  I learned many things about hunting and I might not of gotten this buck if it wasn't for my past experiences with him.

2005 Mendon

Jon, age 12, with his first 2 kills.
Grandpa said they were delicious!


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