War Attack Guidelines


Please follow these rules as close as possible, if you have ideas to make them better please email your suggestions to: Bowbucks@gmail.com

1.  Attack the base that is one down unless we post different.  Please check clan email for any changes before war starts.  If our top bases are TH 10 or 11 they have the green light to attack next highest base on second attack.  If one does drop 2 etc.

2.  Try to make your first attack in the first 12 hours of the war.  Wait till the next day before making your second attack unless you can not wait due to work etc.

3.  If you do not attack in the first 12 hours your base is up for grabs.  If someone has hit your base just find a base that has not been hit or clean up a couple.

4.  Your second attack look for a base to clean up.  Do not go high!
Clean up lower bases unless you are sure you can get a star from the higher base!  Only go high for loot if war is won!

5.  Try to use both your attacks.


Great pages and links for information


Please take the time to check out these sites, the videos are great for attack tactics!
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