General Policies
We are an adult clan. We understand that kids may join us, as long as they remain mature, there will not be any issues. Use both attacks in war. This is the most important rule as we are a war clan, and to ensure the best chance of victory everyone must attack twice. There may be some leniency for older and loyal members who occasionally miss an attack, but consistently missing attacks will result in removal. If you have a legitimate reason for why you can't make an attack, let leadership know.

We war constantly, but you may opt in and out as needed.  As a focused war clan, war attacks for loot are prohibited, unless approved by leadership.  Repeated offenses will result in removal.

TH9s and above are expected to have both heroes available for war attacks. If you would like to upgrade your heroes, please opt out of war until the upgrade is finished or close to finishing. Exceptions will be made for TH8.5s. When you are going to a new town hall, opt out when you are upgrading your spell factory or dark spell factory.

We do not have any trophy requirements, so stay in whatever range you feel comfortable. Donate what is requested, especially during war. If you have the ability to fill a war request, make the requested troop.

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