List of requirements for each Town Hall level
The following requirements are needed to be admitted to war, not necessarily needed to join the clan initially. However, those who have met the requirements prior to joining will have a higher chance of being admitted to the clan than those who are lacking in the criteria listed.
TH7 and below
At this level, only mini accounts of higher level players within the clan will be accepted at a co-leader's discretion
Must have at least a level 5 Barbarian King and all level 4 spells
Must have max TH7 defensive structures and mostly level 7 and 8 walls
Must meet at least three out of the five troop requirements below:
Level 4 Hog Riders
Level 3 Dragons
Level 5 Wizards
Level 5 Balloons
Access to Golems
Must have all level 8 walls or higher
Must have all of the following offensive requirements:
Level 10 Barbarian Kings
Level 10 Archer Queen
Level 5 Hog riders
Level 6 Balloons
Level 5 Wizards
Level 3 Golems
Level 2 Lava Hounds
Maxed TH8 spells
Level 4 Spell Factory and level 3 Dark Spell Factory
220 troop space and level 5 clan castle
Must meet the following offensive requirements
Level 5 Golems
Level 3 Lava Hounds
Level 5 Spell Factory and Level 3 Dark Spell Factory
Maxed Spells
240 troop space and level 6 Clan Castle
Level 6 Balloons
Level 20 Barbarian King
Level 20 Archer Queen
Low defenses/defenseless
If your base is deemed to have a large discrepancy between offensive strength and defensive strength, in favor of offense, you do not need to meet the requirements for the Town Halls listed above.

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