Town Hall Upgrade Policies
Maxing your Town Hall offensively is of utmost importance for war matchmaking. This means that you must max out your war troops before going to the next level Town Hall. Upgrade your walls to the best of your ability.

TH7s must have a level 5 Barbarian King before upgrading to TH8.

TH8s must have a level 10 Barbarian King before upgrading to TH9.

TH9s must have a level 20 Barbarian King and a level 20 Archer Queen before upgrading to TH10.

When you have recently upgraded your Town Hall you must prioritize upgrading your spell factories, clan castle, army camps, barracks, and heroes before upgrading defenses.

*The reason why offense must take priority for recently upgraded Town Halls is because the transition from the previous Town Hall to the next Town Hall is very stressful for wars. You will need to attack higher level bases that you wouldn't have had to attack in the previous Town Hall.

Upgrade Guides for Town Halls
TH10 Coming Soon

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