War Selection
To give members time to upgrade we will be fighting limited wars at this time.  Friday war  search will be limited to members with defenses and troops near maxed or maxed for their town hall level.  See War Stats
Monday war search will be open to all members giving priority to those that did not fight Friday.  As always wars are 10, 15, 20, 25 etc members,  Please set your in/out status as needed. 
Rules for War
1.  Never go higher than your mirror unless you are sure you can 3 star it or it is the end of the war and the only target or you are going for loot.
2.  1st attack look at your mirror first.  If you have a good shot at 2 stars and maybe 3, hit it.  If you can not handle it, look for the highest base you think you can 2 stars and maybe 3 star.  2nd attack find the the highest base you can 3 star or clean up the highest base for 3 stars.
3.  Remember that our members 1-5 will normally hit 1-10 so keep that in mind.  If you are 6-10 it is OK to drop down and find a target you can handle.  Talk to others on chat to work out who has what target if possible.
4.  Low members please attack ASAP after war starts so higher members can see what to cleanup.  

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