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Tex's High Silver Level Guide

Hey all, glad to see a few of you in HS lately, it has been a lot of fun. I am going to post sound good Hangar suggestions in hopes if encouraging more to upgrade, and provide a good guide for upgrading to those who have questions. 

Bots with a
* next to it are what I recommend using over other bots.

Light Robots

- I do not recommend using this robot

- I do not recommend using this robot

- I do not recommend using this robot, but if you must:
- 1x Orkan
- 1x Taran

- 3x Magnum
- 3x Aphids
- 3x Pinata

- 2x Magnum
- 2x Aphid
- 2x Pinata (decent for Rhino hunting, but overall it is not a game winning combo)

Medium Robots

- Thunder + 2x Magnum
- Thunder + 2x Pinata
- Zeus + 2x AC Molot
- Zeus + 2x CRV Pin
- Trident + 2x CRV Pin
- Trident + 2x AC Molot

- Thunder + Orkan
- Thunder + Taran

- Thunder + Aphid + Orkan
- Thunder + Aphid + Taran
- Thunder + Magnum + Taran (recommended)
- Trident + CRV Pin + Tulumbas
- Zeus + CRV Pin + Tulumas
- Zeus + Magnum+ Taran

GI Patton
- 4x CRV Pins
- 4x Pinata
- 4x AC Molot (there are better mid range combos than this)
- 4x Magnum

- 2x Zeus
- 2x Trident
- 2x Trebuchet (I don't recommend using sniper platforms unless you have a fury, but if you must)
- This robot in general has lost a lot of lackluster because of the rise of plasma rhinos and their ability to quickly get in range and destroy carnages.

- 2x Taran (I like this combo better, but that's preference not judgment, 2x Orkan is just as deadly)
- 2x Orkan

- 3x Orkan
- 3x Taran (I recommend this combo)
- 3x Molot T
- 3x Tulumbas (can really deal damage if you are patient about the reload time and choose targets wisely)

Heavy Robots

- Heavy robots in general will be the staple of higher silver and higher hangars. Other robots typically fill a more specialized role in HS

- 2x Magnum + 2x Taran (recommended)
- 2x CRV Pin + 2x Tulumbas (recommended)
- 2x Aphid + 2x Taran
- 2x Aphid + 2x Orkan
- 2x Pinata + 2x Orkan (recommended)

- 3x Gecko + Treb
- 3x Gecko + Zeus
- 3x CRV Pin + Trident
- 3x Pinata + Thunder
- 3x Magnum + Thunder
- 3x AC Molot + Trident
- 3x AC Molot + Zeus

- 3x Trebuchet
- 3x Zeus (recommended) 
- 3x KWK (yes really, more heavy bots in HS means you don't have to worry about missing as much)
- 3x Trident (recommended)
- 3x Kang Dang (KWKs are more effective in my experience)

- Do not use this bot

- Dual Zeus
- Dual Trident
- Dual Trebuchet (again, I never recommend sniping unless you have a fury)

- I saved the must have bot for last
- Death Button - 2x Pinata + 2x Orkan (recommended)
- 2x Magnum + 2x Taran (recommended)
- 2x Magnum + 2x Tulumbas (poor man's Rhino)
- 2x Aphid + 2x Taran
- 2x Aphid + 2x Orkan

Some commentary on * bots

The Boa is an excellent bot that remains useful all the way up to gold tier because of its good speed and high HP. It is a close range only bot, good for dealing devastating amounts of damage against other bots when it can get close. It can even take out Rhinos by maneuvering to the sides. The Taran allows it to fend off bots with energy shields and do good damage, while the Orkan allows for a devastating close in barrage that can send Rhinos running. I personally run a Orkan Boa as an anti-Rhino bot. The Thunder does great in HS because a lot more large bots are bigger targets.


The Rogata with its 2 medium hard points is a real damage dealer. It is also fast and has the jump ability making it a great ambush bot. It can do anti-Rhino drops with Orkans, or just deal lots of damage with the dual Taran setup. I recommend it for beacon capturing and damage dealing. Just remember it is not very durable so use that speed and jump to your advantage. Try not to engage stalkers unless their stealth has just expired, otherwise you will find yourself jumping around and taking damage.

I recommend the obnoxious dual magnum setup. Its a great beacon runner and harassment bot that can punish an enemy caught away from allies.

The Griffin can be used as a strong missile platform with the Tulumbas CRV pin setup - I personally use this to command choke points on the map from just out of range of plasma weapons. It can punish anybody who thinks of going for the central beacon on dead city or yamantau. It can also keep enemies pinned up on Shenzen. 
It can also be used as a drop in devastator. IE: using the jump ability to put itself in the action and deal out a tremendous amount of damage with pins + Orkan or Magnum + Taran. This is definitely a common bot because of the improved speed in HS, and a platform that offers jump and a lot of damage dealing potential. It is even more common in gold tier.

If you have one use it, but sparingly. Rarely are battles won by sitting back and sniping -if your teammates need closer support, destroy your bot and help them. Trident and Zeus setups can make it a good medium range bot that can absolutely shred other bots to pieces. Its best in clan battles where we know half the team wont be hanging out in the back.

I recommend having at least 2 in your hangar. The death button and plasma combo are tremendous damage dealers. Learning how to use a rhino properly and how to defeat them is of the utmost importance. Expect to see a lot of them in every game. The downfall is of course that it is a big target, take care to leave yourself room to escape and not become surrounded. That shield is worthless if you are taking fire from multiple angles. Move in, destroy and reposition is my mantra.

Note how my recommended combos often have gold and WP weapons. Having an arsenal of these is important if you hare going to play competitively because the competition certainly does have these weapons.

Bots should be level 5-6, weapons should be 8-9.

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