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General Advice

The level of the opponents players face is determined by the level of the weapons and robots they have active in their hangar when entering a battle. The current matchmaking system does not seem to use an average of the players active hangar, but rather to use the highest level robot and the highest level weapon to calculate which opponents the player will face. Because of this, players should aim to keep their hangar as evenly balanced as possible as having just one robot (or weapon) at a significantly higher level will significantly increase their chance of facing opponents well above their average level.

It is also recommended that players keep their weapons a few levels higher than the level of their robots.

Tiers (a disclaimer)

Tiers may, or may not actually exist. Exactly how the matching system of Walking War Robots works is a well guarded secret. Pixonic can and do make changes to how the matchmaking system works without any notice. There is no set KNOWN conditions for getting in specific tiers.

Tiers is merely a descriptive term we use to separate the more obvious boundaries in the matchmaking system. These calculations were done by a careful analysis of what players were matched against when using a variety of hangar setups. They are only an estimation.


There are currently 3 main Tiers (Bronze, Silver and Gold) used by the games matchmaker system to group players. Players are placed into one of these tiers according to the level of both robots and weapons in their hangar. Robots and weapons you own, but that are not currently in a hangar slot are not included in this calculation. This tier system allowes some segregation so that players are more evenly matched.

Players should be aware that a Tier will contain both opponents that are just high enough to be in that tier, and opponents that are almost ready to move into the next tier. Many new players are surprised at the scope of the variability of opponent levels they will face in each tier. Players should be prepared to be the little fish in the big pond each time they move into a new tier.

After much research this is the current advice on upgrading as you progress through the game. You can follow these tips So as to progress through each tier gradually. But remember, this is only an estimation and may change at any time.

Rookie Tier

This tier is exclusively for new players when they first start the game. Once players reach level 4 they will move to bronze.


Bronze Tier

Robots should not be upgraded beyond level 2.

Light Bots:

  • Schütze - level 8 weapon
  • Cossack - level 8 weapon
  • Destrier - 2x level 8 weapons
  • Stalker - 2x level 8 weapons
  • Gepard - 2x level 8 and one 9 weapons

Medium Bots:

  • Vityaz - 2x level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Golem - 2x level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Gl. Patton - 2x level 6 and 2x level 7 weapons
  • Boa - one level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Carnage - one level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Rogatka - one level 6 and one level 7 weapons

Heavy Bots:

  • Rhino (must be level 1) - combination of the 4 weapons is 19 max (for ex. 5/5/5/4, 4/4/5/6)

Silver Tier

This section is incomplete and requires expansion.

After that you will enter in SILVER tier, you can follow these steps for upgrading (better not to use heavy bots yet).

  • Upgrade your level 2 bots a little (to level 4) as your weapons will be at level 6-8
  • Upgrade your weapons to level 8 
  • Upgrade your bots to level 5
  • Upgrade your weapons to level 9
  • Upgrade your bots to level 6 all first, then to level 7, first light robots if you are still using any of them.

Gold Tier

This section is incomplete and requires expansion.

Here you will be entering at GOLD TOP.

  • Upgrade your weapons to level 10
  • Upgrade your bots to level 9, meanwhile you can upgrade some weapon/s to level 11, even max them, if you feel you need to.
  • Max your weapons to level 12, at the same time you can upgrade some bot/s to level 10.
  • Max all your bots to level 12.



This is a tier guide we put together and tested that should keep anyone using it in bronze level.

The Robots must be level 2 .  We do not know weather heavy robots are permitted. The number next to bot is total accumulation of total weapon upgrades . Example level 3 and level 5 weapons on a Boa would equal 8.

Limits are as follows as we know them:

 Light robots:
   Cossack - 8 total
   Destier - 10 total
   Schutz - 7 total
   Gepard -14 total
 Medium Robots:
   Vityaz -15 total
   Golem - 15 total
   GI Patton - 16 total
   Boa - 8 total
   Rogatka - 8 total
Good luck please let us know if you have any helpful tier advice.


  scout , FF , Punchbugg , Hunter4 , Rollo Tomasi , BigRed & Pyrite

Very good job figuring this out.  Well done!


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